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This wonderful movie of 1987 starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen takes the first place in this list. The film tells the story of a young broker, Bud Fox, who wants to get rich and successful. His destiny brings him together with a real stockbroker shark, Gordon Gekko, who leads Bud into the closed world of trading and big money. However, Gekko also decides to split up and sell the ... With that said, here is a list of the top 15 movies, TV shows, and documentaries every trader and investor needs to watch. 1. Wall Street. Although Oliver Stone’s epic film was released in 1987, the lessons of morality and doing what is good and right (not to mention legal) are timeless. Watch Charlie Sheen’s character Bud Foxx cross the ... 6. Trader (1987) This film was made in 1987 during the raging bull market. The movie portrays legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones and his Tudor Investments firm. Filmed before the 1987 Wall Street crash, Trader looks at futures trading and the frantic pace of the marketplace during this time. It also highlights the wealth that traders ... With the closing of the trading floors on ICE, we remembered the movie “Trading Places.” Then we began naming some of our favorite trading movies. Here's our top 10. These great movies will motivate and inspire you to make progress every day to become the best trader you can be and avoid many of the mistakes the characters in the movies make. You have to take a break from the charts to recharge and what better way to do that then to see a trading movie. Trader: An absolute classic. Documentary about legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. While still rather young, the film shows Paul predicting the 1987 crash. Traders: Millions By The Minute: a 2-part BBC documentary on forex traders. Wall Street (1987) The most popular and best movie about traders ever made. The story about a huge money desire and what ends an insider’s trading. The hero for thousands of traders, managers in the film, Gordon Gekko, became an example of a trader and the movie a source of inspiration. Download Wall Street Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) The famous movie’s sequel was unfortunately ...

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